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Stay perfectly fit with balanced exercising

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Attaining the perfect physique is not as easy as it sounds. Intense workouts, balanced diet and most importantly strict discipline decide the fate of your physique. If you miss out on any one of them you miss out on that desired body.

But a ripped physique and a healthy body are two different things. Achieving the former one does not necessarily mean that you have achieved the other one. It just goes to show that a healthy body means much more than bulging biceps and ripped abs.

The real concern of a balanced exercise program

The real concern is time. The most important thing that men of today’s generation are getting deprived of is time for themselves.

You hardly manage to get time off your bust schedule to accommodate your hobbies, your passion or even experiences with your loved ones. In situations like these one must comprehend the fact that you cannot manage everything all at once.

But you can prioritize your essentials, chalk out an extended plan and hence strive to follow that strictly.

In order to achieve a bulging physique characterized by a ripped stomach and vein-popping muscles, today’s men take indulge in heavyweight training, protein shakes and steroids. As a consequence, most of them achieves the desired bulkiness in their bodies and stay content.

But one fails to comprehend the fact that these methods have an adverse effect on your health. I am not saying that hitting the gym four times a week is unhealthy. No, it does possess some astounding qualities and provides great dividends to the men. But what I mean to say is that it does not provide the perfect balance of exercises.

Have you ever considered eating eggs for the rest of your life? What effect might that have on your health?

Similarly, the balance must be maintained in case of exercised to keep every part of your body perfectly functional.

What kind of exercises you need to do?

These exercises are to be performed by men if they desire to achieve that perfect balance.


The best exercise that one can do is run. The healthy effects that running provides to the body is second to none. From calorie burning to endurance training and even increasing the capacity of the lungs, running provides it all.


Maybe only second to running, although many would beg to differ, swimming is the ultimate exercise to keep your body fit. It has the ability to cure many respiratory as well as circulatory diseases prevalent in men. Plus, it keeps you lean and in shape.


Being strong is important but being flexible is even more necessary. Yoga helps you achieve that level of flexibility which is essential for your muscles and tissues to develop and function properly. Nobody would want a body with roaring muscles and a stiff back.

Weight training

Finally, the exercise that provides instant effects to your physique. Hit the gym and struggle with weights for at least four times a week to keep your muscles strong and your physique attractive.