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Sun kissed and Fabulous: How can Men get rid of their tan using just 5 Natural Remedies?


Get past your patriarchal prejudice against the skin care routines practiced by women already! In this age where women are learning to ride bikes and men couldn’t be more happier taking care of themselves inside out, it’s time that you partake some of the benefits of the liberalized world for your own greater good!

Rather than strutting about displaying your masculinity in your tanned skin, wouldn’t you rather be handsome and glow in the confidence that you have perfect skin? We give you the 5 natural remedies that will help you banish the adamant tan from your skin so that day or night, you manage to shine the brightest!

Trust these 5 Natural Remedies to see you through the tan free skin look!

•    Lemons- Just squeeze lemon juice into a small bowl and apply in on the tanned areas with a cotton ball.
•    Lemons and Aloe Vera Combo- Applying raw lemon to your face might leave it dry. If you wish to opt for something more moisturizing yet effective, this combo can never go wrong!
•    Almond, Curd and Milk Pack- Make a paste using the almonds, blend in using some milk and curd and leave the mask on till it dries completely.
•    Sandalwood, Turmeric and Milk Pack- Tan removal and natural fairness enhancement, can this face pack be any more perfect?
•    Tomato Juice, Oatmeal and Curd Pack- Remember to add a few drops of lime juice into this mixture and your tan will be non-existent in just a few weeks!