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Symptoms of Male Menopause to Watch Out for

Male menopause, which is also known as andropause, is characterized by the gradual decrease of the testosterone level in man’s body. Studies have shown that not all men pass through this stage. The reason why it occurs at some men and at others – don’t, is unknown.

Usually, men experience drop of testosterone level after attending forty years old. This is because of the influence of some diseases of which they start to suffer at this age.

andropause-men-machotipsHere are several symptoms for male menopause:
•    Libido decline – Men use to not get interested in sex as before and this act seems to them less enjoyable.
•    Fatigue – Man becomes less energetic.
•    The difficulty of concentration, men start to forget sometimes even daily routine things.
•    Irritability – this is the fundamental symptom of male menopause. Their feelings of anger, anxiety, depression become more pronounced in this period of their life.
•    Men tend to gain weight and lose muscle mass during male menopause.
•    Also, men fall asleep hardly and do not enjoy the uninterrupted deep sleep anymore.
•    Osteoporosis – this bone disorder is one of the symptoms of male menopause, too.

Due to upper mentioned conditions, men as a rule also become low self-confident, presenting because of this confusion and indecisiveness in actions.

If you aim at least several of these characteristics at the man who is close to you, do not hesitate to talk to a health care practitioner for receiving appropriate help.