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Top fashion brands for men in 2017

There was a time when choosing the right fashion brands for men was way out of any man’s league. All they used to do was rely upon their girlfriend, wife and sometimes [...]

The 3 rules of the sharp Gentleman

All men dream of being on top of their game in terms of style, and while some achieve this dream, some are still not sure where to begin. Not to worry, however, because these [...]

4 Style tips for modern men

Fashion is a fast changing industry even for men. There are so many ways to wear so many kinds of clothing and styles that a man is left struggling with a common outfit every [...]

Don’t sweat over your sweatshirt!

Can you possibly count the number of times you fell back on your sweatshirt this autumn and winter? Neither can we! However, the grey marl sweatshirt tends to be an eye [...]
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