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Are fitness and sex really related?

If you are a regular gym-going guy, chances are that you feel supremely confident whenever your girlfriend or wife talks about desirable physical aspects in a man. This must [...]

Diet tips for fitness enthusiasts

It is a commonly known fact that exercises go hand in hand with a good diet. A good diet is essential if you are to achieve the type of body that you desire, whether it is a [...]

Fitness tips to motivate you

Getting into a fitness or exercise routine is very easy but one thing that many people don’t tell you is that it can get very discouraging or boring very quickly if you are [...]

Fitness for the busy man

It is extremely challenging for a lot of busy men to achieve ideal fitness goals. The busy schedules make it difficult to make time for the gym, let alone eating right. The [...]

Running for Health

Regular exercising is a great health practice that offers enormous physical and psychological benefits to men. In addition to reducing your risk of high blood pressure, high [...]