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Maintaining Your Dyed Hair

Now that you have dyed your hair into the strange punk color that you have wanted to do for so long, what now? Simple, now comes the tricky part of maintaining your dyed [...]

Hairstyles for Men with Beards

One of the biggest style trends of 2015-16 is the trend of keeping facial hair. Beards are in fashion now. One of the biggest problems that people have when they are trying [...]

Men’s Popular Hairstyles this Season

Now that we are well into the year 2016, it is time to check out some of time to check out some of the latest fashion trends. This year has seen a huge array of diversity and [...]

Popular Mens Hair Styling

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in wardrobe for men, and to top it off, a change to the hair. The list of men’s hair styles indeed is endless, but here are [...]