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Testosterone Levels and Body Fat are Linked Together

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Research studies have found that as a man begins to age and get older, their natural production of testosterone in the body begins to deplete steadily. This coincides with muscle mass and tone loss, in addition to a gradual body fat increase, especially around the abdominal region. There is scientific proof to suggest that this phenomenon is not a coincidence but that age related decline in the production of testosterone is closely linked to belly fat increase.

Metabolism of Fat

Testosterone plays a very important role in the body as it assists in the control of the balance of insulin, glucose and the metabolism of fat. With a drop in the levels of testosterone, there is a corresponding drop in its powerful stimulation of insulin sensitivity. This in turn cause a huge impact which leads to an increase in body fat, in addition to Type 2 diabetes in certain instances, and full blown metabolic syndrome with all associated consequences.

Aromatase, Testosterone and body fat

As the levels of testosterone drop with age, a process known as aromatase in the adipose tissues begin to convert testosterone into estrogen. The presence of this additional estrogen in the body in turn further slows down the production of testosterone, which causes the development of body fat. This cycle goes on and on with further increases in estrogen causing decreases in testosterone.

Low levels of testosterone have also been closely linked to an increase in certain inflammation markers including C-Reactive Protein (CRP). These markers also play a very important role in obesity and other body fat related conditions.

Testosterone Boosters

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