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The 3 rules of the sharp Gentleman

All men dream of being on top of their game in terms of style, and while some achieve this dream, some are still not sure where to begin. Not to worry, however, because these three simple rules that every sharp man obeys could help you find your path as well.

  • Dress according to your body type

The sad truth is that there are millions of men out there who are wearing clothes that are either too big for their bodies or too tight. Any sharp man will tell you that the key to looking sharp is always to choose the clothes that best fit your body. Consult someone if you have to find out your body size.

  • Remember the rule of good grooming

Always make sure that your hair is well kempt; get a haircut if you are looking bushy, luckily there are many haircut styles for you to choose from. A sharp gentleman has well cut finger and toenails, with clean neatly worn clothing. The rule of good grooming must always be followed by sharp men

  • Have some self confidence

This is a more abstract concept but it affects many men very greatly. You may be looking good and keeping yourself well groomed but if you are not confident in yourself, then you are simply doing yourself no justice.

A sharp man is always confident in himself, but when you look good; your confidence will lift that much more. So always be confident in yourself.