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The 5 accessories you need to look for

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Accessories for men.

Unlike women who have a vast choice of clothing at their disposal, us men often feel limited with the options that are available in both formal and casual wear. How to resolve this eternal problem, you ask?

With accessories, what else? Going about selecting the right accessories and pairing them with a fitting outfit is the dividing line between a gentleman and a fashion rookie. Here we are going to name the 5 accessories that every man needs to look out for style wise!

The 5 Accessories which guarantee a perfect wardrobe for all men:
•    The Watch- Are you in the habit of investing in really grunge watches which are sure to fade away with the passage of the latest fashion fad? Always try to save up and invest in the classic watches, which complement all your formal wear and will stand the test of time.
•    The Tie- Nothing pairs better with an expensive suit that a silk tie that exudes elegance and refinement. Feel free to opt for the different variations of the bow tie in case of semi formal occasions.
•    The Messenger Bag- Men need their fair share of bags too! Capable of carrying everything from your important files to your laptop, this accessory is utility and fashion at their best!
•    The Wallet- Have you been too lazy to exchange your tattered high school wallet for a brand new one with leather finish? Remember, if you’ve got money, you need an accessory which will flaunt it! If you would like something lighter, money clips can be an acceptable option.
•    The Sock- You should stock up your wardrobe with loads of clean cotton socks and match their color with that of their shoes for a timeless look.