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The 5 Foods that keep your testosterone levels on the high


Okay. A quick Biology lesson recap. Testosterone is supposed to be the male sexual hormone that not only governs your sperm count but also the health of your bones, muscles and hair.

Now that you are young and fit, your testosterone might be at its optimum level but as you grow up, the probability of hypogonadism wherein you have a remarkably lower testosterone level keeps on increasing. So if you want to ensure that your testosterone levels remain rock solid when you start aging, you better stock up on some naturally testosterone boosting foods!

The 5 Foods that make sure you never get into any trouble down under:

•    Oysters- You have probably heard already that oysters are great aphrodisiacs. But what you didn’t know is that not only does the zinc in oysters boost the development in boys during puberty but also keeps the testosterone levels in check.
•    Low Fat Milk- The fortified milk with Vitamin D not only strengthens your bones but also maintains optimum sperm count.
•    Eggs- Eggs, more specifically, the egg yolks contain nutrients that can help you gain that muscle strength by just increasing your testosterone levels!
•    Tuna- Tuna is not only the most heart friendly protein that there is, but it is also a pro in ensuring that you get your dose of Vitamin D which is essential for the production of testosterone in your body.
•    Beans- Your preference might  be kidney, white or black beans, but there’s no way to deny that including them in your diet will keep your testosterone level on the rise!