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The Amazing Collagen

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You will be amazed what’s behind the meaning of the word “collagen”. Translated from Greek it means “kolla gen”, which is “glue producing”. That explains why in the early years glue manufactures used to boil the skin of animals to get glue.

Collagen is the common name of some protein types, as well. Collagen adds up to 35 % of the total protein in mammals. It can be found in our skin, tendons, bones, corneas, blood vessels, teeth and intestines. It’s a primary component of a layer of connective tissue in the muscles.

Best perks of collagen:

Collagen can boost metabolism, energy output and muscle mass. It may help you increase your metabolism by adding some muscle mass to your body. One of the most important roles of glycine is helping the muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy. When you are taking collagen you should consider taking vitamin C as well. It helps to convert the collagen into usable protein.

Strengthens hair, nails and teeth. Maybe a lot of you have experienced the peeling or the splitting of nails. Well it’s all because your body is suffering lack of collagen. Protein is the one building a block of your fingernails, teeth and hair. Adding additional collagen to your diet will keep your nails, teeth and hair strong and it even might reverse the signs of hair loss.

Improves the liver health. If you are looking for a detox method you found it. To improve your blood flow and keep your heart young collagen is the best choice. Glycine minimizes the damage of your liver experience when it’s absorbing foreign substances, for example if you enjoy a nice alcohol drink from time to time or you smoke, it helps your body to get rid of those toxins. Some studies show that it can even help reducing the alcohol-induced liver damage and some chronic liver injuries.

16 different types of collagen

There are at least 16 different types of collagen within the human body. Here are some of the best known ones:

  • Type 1. It’s considered to be the strongest type of collagen found in the human body.
  • Type 2. It is found in connective tissues, our joints rely on cartilage which is made of type 2 collagen.
  • Type 10. It is what helps with forming articular cartilage ñ the creating of bone tissue in mammals.

There are a few sources of collagen that we get it from according to our diets like foods high in protein: some of those are beef, chicken, fish and egg shell membranes.

Collagen – nutrition facts

A lot of people refer to it as a “complex protein”. It’s because collagen is a great way to get more amino acids like: glutamine, glycine, arginine and proline.

The lack of collagen can result in unhealthy dry skin, limp brittle hair, etc. Along with the miracles of the collagen that it can make on the outside of our body more important are the result it gets done inside our body.