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The basic guide for men who want to have a healthy sex life


Okay, first let us all admit that we all want to be having better sexual experience, better orgasm, better sex. Wanting is very much justified. We must never be satisfied with what we have or else we can never strive to achieve more.

But we seldom know how to achieve more in the sexual perspective. Men of various ages like being attractive and a name to remember in bed but one thing they seldom pay heed to is that the skill of having sex will not improve on its own. There are certain basics men need to follow to provide their partners that ultimate orgasm while having one themselves.

Back to the basics

Generally speaking we can be successful at anything if we keep following the basics and that includes sex. The primary thing to remember is that to become a wonder in bed you must never have the fear to fail. It develops primarily on its success.

And by following the basics you will soon understand that having a healthy sex life is not as difficult and complicated as it seems.

Education is the key

As for every other aspect of men’s life, men are not born great lovers, they are made into one. People expect to have great sex without giving any effort on their part. They fail to understand that it seldom works that way unless you are truly gifted which you are not. To become great at doing something requires education, hard work and practice and the same applies for sex.

Learn about the various topics involving men’s sex such as sexual techniques, communication during sex, pregnancy prevention, STI and sexual health. Some books on oral sex and female orgasm will get your sex education jump-started.

See to it that she is pleasured

Good sex involves seeing that your partner gets complete satisfaction rather than only getting yourself pleasured. The sexual experience that your partner receives must be the only thing you should be concerned about. Be it casual sex or a meaningful one, your partner’s pleasure ensures your own pleasure.

Give attention to her throughout the time you spend with her before going to bed. Focus on her body parts and tell her how beautiful she her assets are. Confess that her moans turn you on. Let her feel uninhibited when having sex with you. Once your partner is genuinely satisfied you yourself become pleasured.

Never pressurize her to orgasm

The above point could get easily misunderstood and exaggerated and you can end up pressurizing her for having her orgasm. You must always abstain from doing that. Wanting to make her orgasm is okay but there is a fine line between making her orgasm and making her feel she needs to orgasm.

The latter wouldn’t be very helpful for your cause though. You must never expect her to orgasm or it might feel heavy on her head and delay it further making the sexual experience not a very satisfying one.

Remember having good sex is about making her feel good and not about boosting your male ego.