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The Impact of Age on Men’s Nutrition

As our age increases, the metabolic rate of a man’s body tends to decrease along with their physical activity. As a result, the man’s energy needs tend to similarly reduce with the natural process of aging. That said, their needs in terms of good quality protein, vitamins and minerals continue to be of great importance.nutrition-age-men-machotips

As the man ages, it is important for their diet to become even more dense in nutrients. Quality nutrients are important for the maintenance of overall health and immune function in men, as well as the prevention of bone loss, muscle loss and eyesight loss. In addition, preventing oxidative damage and maintaining tissue health through anti-oxidative vitamins and minerals increases in importance as the man ages.

The aging process causes the gradual replacement of lean muscle mass by fat. As the bodily composition moves towards more body fat, your caloric requirements begin to decline. It is for this reason that if you continue with the same eating pattern in your 40s as you had in your 20s, you are very likely to gain in weight.

In order to maintain lean muscle mass, it is important for men to include exercise in their training regimen. One of the reasons why older men exhibit less lean muscle mass is because there is a similar decrease in the number of men who weight train as they age. Exercise can help you to maintain your muscle mass, as well as maintain a fast metabolism despite the natural aging process.