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Top trending Men’s hairstyles


A perfect haircut and a perfect hairstyle can completely change a man’s appearance. Choosing the right hairstyle which suits the shape of your face can bring a lot of difference and it can boost up your confidence.

Men often try various hairstyles to look different just to draw the attention of the ladies. But here lies the big question, what are the men’s hairstyles that attract the female gaze?

Well, the answer is not that simple. Different women have different areas of interest. For example, some of them like short hair, some of them like long, whereas some of them like curly and even straight hair.

But always remember one thing – “keep it clean.” Women love men who know how to portray himself by having a clean-cut hairstyle. Always have a frequent haircut, this will make you look clean.

Whether it’s the long hairstyle or the messy one, be confident like a pro, that would make them awestruck:

•    Hairstyles for men having long hair: You can simply sweep back the chin length locks and end up with a scraggly ponytail. Or a long hair with an undercut can add a cool feature to your looks. The undercut is characterized by the sides and back sometimes shaven or extremely tight. The sides and top have no blending between them.
•    Wavy hairstyles: A messy texture with a drop bald fade is what suits the wavy hairs the most. This hairstyle has plenty of hair on top to work with and from the high part the fade starts and goes down to the skin thus raising your natural hairline.
•    Side part hairstyle: This hairstyle gives your hair more texture and length. Part your hair with the help of a comb and run your fingers over the opposite side just to give it a tousled finish.
•    Business man’s cut: This hairstyle is more common with the professionals giving your hair a conservative look. The sides and the back are tapered while the top is left with enough hair so that you can part and brush it to the side.
•    Layer cut: This cut includes uniform layers all over your head and is done with shears. This versatile hairstyle can be kept long or short as desired.
•    Mullet: Most of the soccer players and the country music singers keep this hairstyle. This style includes short hair on top as well as on the sides along with a required amount of hair left in the back.
•    The crew-cut hairstyle: The hair on the top is normally graduated in length starting right from the front of your hairline to the back of your crown. The hair on the sides and back is normally cut short. They are also called brush cut.
•    Spiky hairstyles: This type of hairstyle works mostly with all types of hair. Short spikes go well with thick hair. Very short spikes look attractive with hair gel applied to them.

Always remember one thing, choose the correct hairstyle. Comfort is the key, whatever hairstyle you do, you must be comfortable with it and always carry yourself with confidence.