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Tips for men to increase their workout capacity

increase-workout-capacity-machotipsWorkout capacity has become a very important component in men’s fitness regimens as more and more men are looking to get the most out of their workout sessions.

What is workout capacity?

In lay man’s terms, workout capacity is penned from the term “work capacity”, and it basically means that this is the ability of the body to function at a higher intensity and period of time, while making use of the body’s own energy systems. It mostly centers on the amount of oxygen that gets.

With a higher workout capacity therefore, it is very possible for men to get a more intense and longer lasting workout times.

How can men increase their workout capacity?

•    Building on cardio exercises
Cardiac exercises focus on getting the heart to pump more blood in a much more efficient way so that it reaches the muscles in the body with much more oxygen. More oxygen in the muscles means that you will not get tired easily and that you will be able to work out for a much longer time.
•    Warm up first before beginning your workout
A warm up does just that. It gets the body ready for the workout and it opens up the lungs and gets the blood to start circulating before the workout begins.
•    Include little breaks in your workout.
Little breaks serve the purpose of keeping you going in your workout and gives you a break to catch your breath.