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Tips for Men’s Fashion

mens-fashion-tips-machotipsHere are a few tips to make you more attractive for the girls:

Simplicity is key

Any man worth his fashionable salt will tell you that the key to a good ensemble is keeping it simple. A simple suit with a nice belt, shoes and tie will be enough without going overboard and overdoing it. If you want to make a statement, bring in that statement watch, no more. Keep it simple.

Always find the right fit

Most men so not know that they are wearing the wrong sizes of clothes. There saying is simple, “fit is everything”. Find clothes that are almost hugging the shape of your body instead that the clothes that are oversize. They may be comfortable but they do not look good. It does not have to be too tight either, because that’s just wrong.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

It is easy to take care of clothes, but what a lot of men neglect is their shoes. Did you know that when you meet someone, one of the first things they will notice is your shoes? There is even a saying that a man’s shoes will tell you more about their personality. The point is that sometimes the shoes ready do make the man, so invest in a few good pairs.

Good grooming

A good and fashionable look could be let down very easily by poor grooming. Keeping your hair neat and your fingernails well-manicured will complete your look perfectly. Pay attention to these little details. Make sure that you are clean shaven and that your clothes are clean as well.