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Tips for Men’s Sexual Health


Smoking is bad for sexual health.

Many men who want to enjoy good health will need to try and take care of themselves by watching their diet, exercising on a regular basis and managing the stress factors in their lives.

However, most men are unaware that they can also care for their sexual health and prevent problems before they occur. Here’s how.

For maximum sexual health, all men should eat a healthy diet. What men eat can easily affect their sexual performance. It is therefore important to eat healthy foods that are low in fats and rich in nutrients to help maintain your sexual system in peak performance. Aim for plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and lean meat cuts.

Men should avoid a couch potato lifestyle as this could lead to sexual problems. Be sure to exercise on a regular basis because getting up and moving about will help you actively maintain your sexual health. Check with your physician and then embark on a regular exercise regimen that includes walking, cycling or any other sporting activity you enjoy.

Many health practitioners are in agreement that smoking is a major cause of male sexual dysfunction. Studies have shown that the majority of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are smokers, and that smoking tends to decrease the sperm quality and count.

Smoking will also result in damage to the small arteries which feed blood to the penis. This may in turn make it at times difficult for the man to maintain an erection.