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Tips for the Perfect Date

It’s fine to suggest having a drink instead of dinner for your first date. This is perfectly understandable as you don’t know each other and both fear having to sit through a boring four-course meal. If you are planning a get together for Wednesday, be sure to call her by early Tuesday evening. Weekends are not ideal for your first date. romantic-date-first-machotips

Leave her both your work and phone numbers. If you don’t leave your home number, she may assume that you are married or have a girlfriend. If you wish to make it a surprise, at least give her a hint as to what to wear. You don’t want her overdressed and stressed, navigating a rocky hill in 6-inch stilettos. And yes, she will notice if you choose a date location that is conveniently near your home.

Don’t assume that just because she is beautiful, she knows it. She would appreciate hearing this from you. Ask her if she is cold or warm and if you are able to change the temperature, do so. Be original in your conversation and avoid the type of questions that she could have been asked by the previous couple of guys she went out with.

If she touches your arm, she could be interested. Wait until she is safely in her house or car before you leave. Put in some momentum to make sure that she doesn’t lose interest or end up wondering whether you have. Ask her out at least once a week thereafter and call her several times in between.