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Top fashion brands for men in 2017

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There was a time when choosing the right fashion brands for men was way out of any man’s league. All they used to do was rely upon their girlfriend, wife and sometimes mother to pick out the correct fashion brands to grace their wardrobe and in turn their bodies. But that scenario has changed completely.

Nowadays no man requires their women to do the same. Almost all men know their way through the racks containing clothes of the various fashion brands and they also have keen knowledge on the latest trend surfacing the block.

Although today’s men have become very knowledgeable about fashion and the top brands we provide a cheat list containing the names of the few brands which every man must be acquainted with at least and if possible keep them in their wardrobe.

A few indispensable fashion brands for men

Having clothes no longer make the perfect man. Having the perfect clothes does. Your clothes need to add the edge in your look and provide you the sharpness that can make you the center of everyone’s attention.


If all you are concerned with is getting the right fit, then look no further than Bonobos. Their ultimate brand objective is to find the perfect fit for you. Their luxurious collection range from shirts to suits, pants, shorts, denims and a lot more.

A host of accessories from their collection are sure to complete your look and give you the edge amongst your companions. Online ordering is available as well as browsing through their store. They even offer a home delivery and a refund system within 90 days of purchase.

Patrick Ervell

For men who prefer minimalistic clothing which fulfills the desired utility of the alpha male Patrick Ervell is a boon from the Gods.

Their clothes are characterized by high quality fabrics such as polyurethane leather, wool-nylon etc. which just about manages to add that subtle hint of surprise element that completes the classy look every man desires.

Functionality is the key in their clothing and that is why they still manage to be in demand and pretty popular among men fashionistas.


The fashion clothing brand based in New York is known widely for specializing in classy and evergreen wardrobe elements which suits the present day man perfectly.

They sue wool and fabrics coming from Columbia and Peru which embraces the right print and color which allows the clothes to transform ceaselessly from day wear to nightwear.


We all know how important casual clothing is given their relevance in today’s day and age. Who better than Nike to fulfill all your casual requirements? Simple and casual daywear and elegant nightwear made of simply the lightest of fabrics not only provides that extra level of comfort desired in casual clothing but also adds the sharp and cool look to every man’s dress.


Jeans are also a constant requirement in modern day man’s wardrobe and nobody does jeans quite like Levi’s. They were the ultimate pioneers in engineering blue jeans and their fits are perfect for almost every man out there.