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Top summer outfits for men

top summer outfits for men -

Not everything stays the same every summer. The temperatures rise, humidity increases and accordingly the fashion trends change. But unless you live in the United Kingdom one thing that stays common throughout every summer is the sun shining inexorably.

The heat may rise obstinately but that does not necessarily mean that your fashion sense will start getting sloppy. You can always look cool and stay cool even in the scorching heat of the summer months. All you need is the right clothes and the right trends to get you going this summer.

Although you might get showered because of sweat you will never cease to look trendy.

The top summer outfits you must possess

We provide you the must have summer clothes that a man must have or everyday use.

Summer shirts

Taking a bath in anti-perspirant should not be an option. Hence you need something which will make you sweat less.

The right materials for your clothes go a long way in restricting the amount of sweat that leaves your body on a daily basis.

  • Avoid materials such as polyester, nylon and even rayon so that you do not make a sweaty mess of yourself. They trap your body heat and make you sweat more and more and they are not able to absorb them either.
  • Choose fabrics that are summer friendly. Cotton shirts are soft, durable and do not trap your body heat. Instead they absorb the sweat off your body and make you feel more relaxed. Linen shirts are also very summer friendly as they absorb the moisture from your body but are able to dry themselves very quickly so that you do not feel messy all day.

Summer suits

When we talk of summer wear we hardly consider summer suits and that is a big mistake. Suits are the essence of formal wear and one must wear one to work and in formal occasions so that they look their part.

The choice of fabric must be correct so that you are not left with tons of sweat underneath the smooth suit.

  • Linen suits are obviously the first choice considering the fact that they provide a sleek yet classy look to your suits and are also comfortable to wear in summer.
  • A blend of linen and cotton provides the wearer the advantages of both fabrics. You wouldn’t wrinkle your suit as you would in case of a pure linen one and it will also be light on your body.
  • A cotton shirt and loafers of suede will finish that top notch formal look for the summer.

Summer shorts

This one is a tricky one considering the fact that summer shorts can either look awesome or very awful. It depends on a few aspects which we mention below.

  • One must select the right length of the shorts.
  • The shape of the shorts must be kept trim and not baggy.
  • The materials must be chosen widely so that it does not affect your comfort.
  • Pick the right choice of footwear to go with your shorts.