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Top Ten Things Men Need to Do to Stay Healthy

health-tips-men-machotipsAre you doing everything you can to stay healthy?

Everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, but there are things you should add to your routine for optimum health. Here are the top ten actions you can take for a long, healthy life:
•    Stop smoking – Just two weeks after quitting a man’s risk of heart attack drops significantly, and lung function begins to improve.
•    Watch your weight – Drop excess pounds, and strive for a BMI (body weight in kilograms divided by squared height in meters) between 18.5 and 24.9.
•    Get physical – Engage in some type of physical activity every day.
•    Eat a heart healthy diet – Include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole gains, and lean protein.
•    Keep blood pressure in check – Incorporating the above actions, along with reducing stress, can help men control high blood pressure.
•    Get a yearly physical – Along with assessing overall health, doctors will check men for issues such as hernia and testicular cancer.
•    Get screened for prostate and colon cancer — A part of a man’s yearly exam, doctors can perform an initial check and recommend more tests if needed.
•    Perform a home testicle exam – Regular checks can note any changes, lumps or swelling that should be reported immediately to your doctor.
•    Keep mentally active – Continue to engage your mind with puzzles, games and books.
•    Keep Connected – Maintain close, supportive relationships with friends and family.
•    Know the signs of depression – Men tend to lose interest in daily life, or become very irritable. If symptoms persist, be sure to get professional help.