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Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Men

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Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to attain or maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.


Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction include diseases that affect the flow of blood, nerve disorders, and chronic illness, certain medications, and psychological factors such as depression, stress and performance anxiety. Many problems of men’s sexual dysfunction can be corrected by simply treating the underlying psychological or physical causes.

Strategies for treating sexual health problems

Strategies for treating sexual health problems in men include the following. Medical treatment would involve treating any physical problem that may be a contributor to the sexual dysfunction. Medications can help to improve sexual function in men through the increase of blood flow to the penis. For treatment, the patient may also use urethral pellets and creams, as well as penile injections that contain medicinal drugs.

Men with a low level of testosterone may benefit from hormone supplementation in the form of testosterone replacement therapy. Psychological therapy under the guidance of a trained counselor may help the man address their feelings of fear, guilt or anxiety, which may impact their sexual function. Men could also use testosterone boosting supplements.

Mechanical aids for sexual health

Mechanical aids like vacuum devices or penile implants may also assist individuals who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Education and communication on sex, sexual responses and behaviors may help the man overcome their anxieties relating to sexual performance.

It is important for the man to engage in an open dialogue with their partner concerning their needs so as to overcome any barriers to their enjoying a healthy sex life.