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Trillium Erectum – Traditional American Aphrodisiac & Tonic

Testosterone is the key factor that fuels the sex drive in men. This is also the component that is responsible for giving men their “libido factor”. As men age, their testosterone levels will gradually decrease, which will in turn impact their sexual functioning and cause changes in their sexual ability.

Generally, men with low testosterone levels tend to be less interested in sex. While this is a natural process with aging, there are solutions for it. And this is where Trillium Erectum comes in.


Beautiful plant, strong effect

Trillium Erectum Is…

Trillium Erectum is a low-growing perennial plant that is native to North America and which attains the height of 40-45cm. It features 3 dark green leaves that are diamond-shaped and measure approximately 18cm long. During the months of April to June, Trillium Erectum produces a solitary, odiferous flower that is yellow to reddish-brown in color. While there is no recommended dosage for Trillium Erectum, classical use of the medicine has involved the intake of 2-4g of this root as an infusion.

Trillium Erectum and Traditional American Medicine

Trillium Erectum has been used medicinally for a long time in traditional American medicine. Over the centuries, the American Indians used different species of trillium for the treatment of various health conditions. Today, Trillium Erectum is used to improve male sexual function and boost low libido. This herb is taken as a way of restoring a satisfying sex life in men, by boosting testosterone levels. This boost in testosterone levels in turn helps men to become more energetic and have more stamina, which is vital for a satisfactory sex life.