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Types of T-shirts for adult men

One of the most commonly found items in any man’s closet is a tee shirt. Fun and practical, these are great options for those looking for a type of clothing that is fuss free and easy maintenance.

These are the types of tees that you should have in your closet:

1. Polo T-Shirt or Crew-neck T-shirtspolo-t-shirt-men-machotips
A Polo Tee is quite versatile and can be worn for golfing, formal events, simple get-togethers or on a daily basis. Best for men with a lean frame as it makes the upper body look fuller.
2. Hooded T-Shirthooded-t-shirt-men-machotips
This is one of the best fashion forward choices that you can make for your wardrobe. They are all-year round and can look quite edgy.
3. U-neck T-shirtu-neck-t-shirt-men-machotips
Best for men who want to show off their abs, this shirt looks the best when worn in pastel shades.
4. V-neck T-Shirtv-neck-t-shirt-men-machotips
This can be worn for both casual and formal situations. If you are muscular, opt for body fitting V necks to flaunt those abs.

5. Striped vs. Solid T-Shirt
Striped tees can help you to create illusions. While vertical stripes can make your body look longer, horizontal stripes make you look wider. Solid tees are perfect for business casual look and should be chosen either in very deep colors or in pastel shades.

6. Graphic T-Shirt
While this looks great in a teenager’s closet, as an adult, you should not wear a lot of these tees. These are only great when you are supporting some event/ team or any other situation, which is relaxed and laid back.