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Viaman Viper Spray, Wipes and Gel Review: Better Performance & Proportions

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Every man needs help to perform better in bed from time to time and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You and your partner should enjoy every second of your sex life and that’s why Viaman Products caters everything that you might need.

Some men live the life of a housemen in front of the society and the life of a God in the bedroom, others tell everybody that they are amazing in bed but when you ask their “one-night-stands” you can barely tell the similarities in their stories.

What is Viaman?

Viaman created a range of products that promises to prolong and improve performance, give you strength to go on all night long with amazing erections. Even the proportions of your penis should improve!

The Viaman collection covers anything that you will need. It has four products that you can choose from:

Viaman Spray and Viaman Gel

viaman gel - pack - machotips.comThese two of the products from Viaman aim to give longer pleasure to your partner and to delay your orgasm. This way you will be more satisfied as well.

Maybe you are wondering why create two identical products? Well here is the answer. The two products have been developed with the same aim, to give more pleasure for longer. Some people prefer spray, some people like gel so those two products may give the same result but people are different and Viaman’s purpose is to satisfy every man who has decided to give it a try.

Both products settle into your skin very fast, they are clear and don’t leave any stains. They give you ejaculation control so everything is in your hands.

Viaman Viper & Capsules

viaman viper pack - machotips.comIf you are looking for life changing experience then you should try Viaman Capsules. This is the first product that the company released to their customers, while Viaman Viper is the newest. This is still the most popular product of Viaman and has been featured in many magazines including FHM and Men’s Fitness.

The key is of the Viaman Capsules and Viaman Viper lays in the ingredients > plant-based and because of them the blood flow to your manhood is increasing. The result is fuller, thicker and more amazing erections. Isn’t that what you want to give your lady? To see the happy, surprised and satisfied look on her face?

Viaman Wipes

viaman wipes - pack - machotips.comSo when everything is going well you should grow and grow even more and that’s how the last product was developed. While man all over the world were sweating under the heated atmosphere created as a result of Viaman’s product the developers of the company were working on a unique and completely innovative way to extend your time in bed.

Viaman wipes! Yes, wipes, it is new and unique way to give you what you want. It is the most portable and discreet way to control your erections on the market today. You can even carry it in your wallet and nobody will even noticed it.

Viaman Review – Conclusion

Viaman is the range of manly products that will change a lot the industry. Lots of men are already happy with the results and it’s your turn to try it and see for yourself!

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They deliver allover Europe, so if you want to satisfy your partner even more, obtain longer lasting and bigger erections, Visit the official Viaman page and order the products of your choice!