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Vitamin D Benefits

vitamin D

When the summer is right at the corner everybody starts talking about sun-care, skin care and Vitamin D.

Let’s take a look where Vitamin D comes from and what it does for your skin.

There are a few sources that your body can get the Vitamin D that it needs such as fish, fortified milk, eggs, liver oil, etc. When you expose your body to UV rays it triggers the body to produce natural Vitamin D.
Vitamin D has two important forms: cholecalciferol – vitamin D3 and ergocalciferol – vitamin D2. They play important role in the maintenance of some of your organ systems.

The main job of Vitamin D is to increase the flow of calcium into the body. It keeps your bones strong and protects you against osteoporosis. Recent researches show that Vitamin D plays important role in a few other positive effect:

  • Lowers the risk of heart disease. Patients who have low levels of vitamin D in their system show 20% more likely to develop heart failure and 33 % more to have a heart attack than patients who have higher levels of the vitamin D.
  • Helps prevent high blood pressure. During the winter season your body produces less vitamin D because of the less sun exposure.
  • Getting additional supplements with vitamin D during the winter and the early spring prevents asthma attacks and seasonal flu. The vitamin stimulates the natural killer cells and this way protects the lungs from infections.
  • Supplements with Vitamin D have show results in reducing low-back pain and also with headaches, chronic fatigue and many other types of pain.
  • It may even lower the risk of certain cancers. A study done on 520 000 patients between 1992 and 1998 year shows that people with the highest blood levels had almost 40 % decrease in colorectal cancer compared to the patients with the lowest levels of vitamin D.

After looking at those results it is safe to say that Vitamin D plays a very important role in your life and in your system. It doesn’t matter if you will take supplements that have it as an ingredient or expose yourself to sun at least three times a week.

The most important thing is to have high levels which helps your whole body work better. As everything else in life don’t “overdose” with it. May lead to vitamin D toxicity which will end up in buildup of calcium in your blood causing nausea, poor appetite, vomiting, weakness, confusion, kidney stones and heart rhythm.

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As the saying says “Too good is not good”, I think it apples in every case. If you live in a place with a lot of sunshine you should take precautions about it and chose your sun lotion very carefully in this case you will not need to take any supplements, because you will get your dose of Vitamin D the natural way. But if you live in a place that’s raining or snowing most of the time it is a good idea to think about which supplements are the best fit for you.

Make sure to take the right dose and this way you will be helping your body and not hurting it. Keep the balance and you will see the amazing results.