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Ways to Increase Your Libido

increase-libido-tips-machotipsDecrease in libido means that a person’s sex drive has declined and may be the result of a bunch of factors. In most cases it is just a short-term issue that should resolve itself but sometimes it tends to get prolonged.  Low sex drive in men can be attributed to several causes which include stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance.

There are many ways through which low libido can be treated. All these methods basically fall under the following categories; Healthy living, healthy diet and solving relationship issues.

The following are some useful tips you can use to increase your libido:

Intake of Important Minerals

Adrenal glands need minerals in order to function properly. The Thyroid gland is responsible for secreting hormones which are directly associated with sexual appetite in men. Iodine and Potassium are some of the core minerals required by the Thyroid gland for normal functioning and they can be obtained from various foods and extracts such as Ocean Plant Extract and Coconuts. Zinc is also known to be a natural aphrodisiac and it can be sourced from oysters, spinach, nuts and lamb.

Getting Enough Sleep

Your adrenal glands are most active when you are awake. If you do not get enough sleep, it means that you are probably overworking them. This can potentially lead to hormonal imbalance which, in effect, will lower your libido.

Cut Down on Sugar

High intake of sugar causes a number of things which include; sleep disturbance and depleting your adrenal glands by consuming the important minerals. It is actually a major player in causing adrenal fatigue hence resulting to low libido.

Try a testosterone boosting supplement

Low Testosterone levels can be the cause for decreased sex drive. One way to combat Low T is to use a testosterone boosting supplement such as Votofel Force or Testo Ultra.