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Why date an adventurous girl?

dating an adventurous girl -

Usually woman are picky when it comes to men, but it is not easy to find a great woman either. Ladies today have become obsessed with their work or with shopping. Some of them even make insane check lists for the perfect men and when they meet him they realize he doesn’t give them “butterflies in the stomach”.

It is not easy to satisfy a woman even if you check everything on their list. Sometimes you have to tell a woman what she want otherwise she will not know, but if you are looking for an adventurous girl there is no book that will help you around her.

If you want someone different, someone who will make your heart rise, someone who will turn your world upside down then you should date adventurous girl. An adventurous girl will be a breath of fresh air. She will:

1. always be open to try new and fun things like karaoke on a Friday night, go hiking and go camping for a weekend.
2. always be curios, she will always wonder, question herself and try to give the best of herself to you.
3. take you to a karaoke, make you feel comfortable and sing a song together.
4. have the courage to ask you all the questions that you wonder about but didn’t have the guts to ask yourself.
5. have the courage to be spontaneous and think out of the box.
6. be a cheerleader and will support every decision you make.
7. take risks! Living your life to the fullest is important and you will have stories to tell your grand-kinds someday.
8. travel with you till the end of the world and you will have the best time.
9. plan a great date worth remembering.
10. be so passionate about life, all you need to do is believe in her dreams and make goals to achieve together.

So are you tired of dating the same type of girls over and over again – good looking, boring to death, going to the same parties with the same people, not doing anything fun anymore and making the same mistakes again?

Maybe it is time to break out of the box and date someone completely different than you?

Nothing is as perfect as it seems, but don’t be scared because different can be good. You don’t meet adventures girls every day so if you get lucky and meet a lady like that keep on her and don’t let her go. She will change your life and you will have the most amazing memories to keep you warm when you grow old together.

The most important is to feel a spark. If the spark is there she is your lady and don’t let her get away! Be yourself and give her everything you have, it will be a decision you will not regret.