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Yellow Nails? Address the cause right now!

male-toenails-yellow-machotipsOur nails are composed of the same substance as our hair – keratin, which are basically dead cells. That does not mean that we don’t need to car care of them. The primary problem that most people face is the yellowing or the discoloration of their nails. Frankly, it can be embarrassing.

Medically, there can be many reasons for the discoloration of your nails, and fortunately, almost all of them are one hundred percent treatable and curable. But before that, take a look at some of the causes of yellowing of nails:

  • Injuries: When you injure some part of your nail, it can turn yellow or become slightly green. This is no cause for worry because as soon as it heals, the nail will go back to its normal color.
  • Infection: In most cases, yellowing nails is caused by some infection by fungus or other microorganisms that are found wither in the water that you use or the air. Doctors usually prescribe some antibiotic pills or creams or ointments for them.
  • Diabetes: If you have diabetes, then your nails can turn yellow too. Yellowing nails are also a sign of some kidney or liver diseases and that is the reason why doctors look at your nails during a physical check-up
  • Smoking: prolonged smoking or chain smoking is another reason that causes yellowing nails along with an array of other, more complicated problems. Therefore, there is no saying this enough – you have to quit smoking.